M A R C H 2nd - 6th, 2020

4pm EST/1pm PST


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Strike this word from your vocabulary, please! Replace can’t with CAN – it will transform your world.

Can is an itty-bitty little word that holds unlimited power, and feels so much sweeter on the tongue.

Don’t believe me? Say both words to yourself, out loud.

For the record, can’t is a weak, powerless word that we often use without even thinking.

It means cannot, which is 100% negative. People who frequently say I can’t tend to censor themselves with limiting stories and negative self-talk.

We’ve all done it, so no judgment, peeps. However, during our week together we will be consciously and deliberately deconstructing the toxic “can’t” mindset.

Let’s do it together, now!

M A R C H 2nd – 6th, 2020

4pm ET/1pm PT

Zoom or Facebook

This Is Your Year To Lean Into Fear

We Know It’s Scary, We Did It Too!

It’s now time to embrace uncertainty – the door that opens our hearts and minds to unlimited potential, purpose, and creativity.

It’s actually okay to feel afraid, just don’t let it stand in your way.

We’ve been where you are and we want to meet you right there and offer you the tools to move forward, in a positive direction of your choice!

Listen, I am terrified of heights, still am even now!

I was overweight and so out of shape – it hurt to move most days while training for my literal mountain climb.

But what I found kept me locked in stagnation, what locked me up in my own fear . . . more than anything always turned out to be my own limiting beliefs.

No matter your fears or your starting points . . . chances are you’ll make it to the top – if you decide to do so.

I am here to say with emphasis, and from my deepest heart:  climbing that mountain is absolutely worth it!

M A R C H 2nd – 6th, 2020

4pm ET/1pm PST

Zoom or Facebook


Yep, that’s actually me! Hanging off the side of a mountain – I never thought I could!

What I discovered on the long road to the top on my very own mountain was that I was failing myself by not believing in ME!

Who was going to believe in me if I never even showed up for myself in the first place?

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”

It’s a famous quote from Yoda, the wise old Jedi that trained Luke Skywalker (of Star Wars) to become a Jedi knight.

What Luke learned was that the only real failure is not believing in yourself.

It stops you from actualizing your potential. 

It’s time to stop standing in your own way and get on your team! 

Why A Mountain?

What are you willing to undertake this year?

Whatever it is, it will most likely require a whole-person approach to achieve at the highest levels!

If you truly want to Finally breakthrough at the physical, mental, spiritual or emotional levels you have always dreamed of!

Otherwise, it’s probably not a
mountain and you’re probably not doing everything you can.

Is this you?

Have you been playing it small in your life?

Shining less brightly than you know you’re supposed to be?

Are you tired of pouring your creative energy into your family, your job, the role of parent and sister and daughter or son, with nothing left for your self? It can be exhausting, right?

Why Take This Class?

It’s Only Five Days, Just One Week

Yes! Your life can change measurably in one week

We’ve got you: support, guidance, people just like you, doing the same kind of work as you

We Deliver One Aha Moment After Another, Day After Day

You don’t have to go it alone

You don’t have to keep feeling like a failure

You no longer have to wonder how you can be so smart, successful and together with some things and such a mess with others

Why Wouldn’t You Do This For Yourself

Loving Yourself Is An Adjective, Do It Now

What’s YOUR Mountain?

A ‘mountain’ can be figurative or symbolic. Yes, it’s true you don’t actually have to climb a mountain with us to get the benefits of this workshop!

(But we’d love to have you there on the ropes with us anytime!)

So why should you let us take you on this crazy adventure over a week together?

Because Your Mountain is challenging to undertake and we’ve got your back!

Because you cannot take another year of living this way, of not making a change, because you promised yourself and you deserve it!

Climbing a mountain is all about the release of limitations and the expansion of power.

What challenge will you take on this year?

Will you slay it all by yourself? Would you seriously slay if you had support, resources, information and guidance from someone who had done it before?

You might breakthrough with all that . . . you might own your mountain!

What is YOUR mountain?

M A R C H 2nd – 6th, 2020

4pm ET/1pm PT

Zoom or Facebook

What Do You Get?

This interactive “jumpstart” provides new strategies for transforming your mind, body, soul connection.

The resources, inspirations, worksheets, numerous tools and links we share are yours to use forever.

Unparalleled support from those who have been where you are.

Guided deep dives and intensive self-reflection will unlock what makes you tick.

Wouldn’t it be a miracle to understand what holds you back from achieving our biggest dreams.

Stop standing at the foot of your mountain just waiting, choose to tackle it.

Finally, understand that your ongoing struggles aren’t really about your diet or exercise!

Yes, you should be reasonable and moderate about both but the true breakthrough is whole-person wellness.

Your will master breaking through difficult challenges to achieve greater fulfillment in life.

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Be prepared to examine the mind-opening opportunities that exist within every perceived setback.

You will rewrite old stories that no longer serve you and your higher purpose.