Pack your bags and leave the comfort zone behind. 

Brumbylon is the core of our creative life where we share the belief that anything is possible if you are willing to nurture a vision and take the necessary steps to manifest that vision. 

This statement nails who we are at Brumbylon. It is the reason why I am writing this newsletter. 

Some news. I lost a dear uncle over the holidays. As I grieved with my family, I began to comprehend just how short a trip this life is. That is my uncle Billy on the left, my parents in the center, and Billy’s wife Marge on the right. I love, LOVE these people.  


Since our family tragedy I’ve thought long and hard about what I want my life to be, what steps I am going to take this year, what vision I am nurturing, what symbolic mountain I will be climbing. All of it will challenge and reinvigorate my life with fresh energy. It matters because I am here. We are here and alive right now. 

Have you been thinking about your mountain – your vision – and what it may require for you to make the climb? 

I’ll share one of my mountains: I am only a couple of days away from launching my Climb a Mountain program. At the center of this work is my desire to inspire people to be 100% themselves unapologetically, to do what they previously thought was impossible! 

Yep, that’s me dangling from a cliff.  Like then, I’m excited, probably more than a little  scared, and anxious to get rolling on the program once I’ve put the necessary technical pieces together – it’s a big learning curve that is pulling me way out of my comfort zone. 

Does it really pay to play it safe? 

There is a penalty, in my humble opinion, for languishing too long in the safety of the comfort zone. It may sound cozy enough…but after a while, playing it safe becomes costly on a number of levels. Without healthy challenges and vigorous movement life becomes static and lackluster. 

Once inertia takes up residence in our psyche, the body naturally follows suit. Inertia breeds inertia (or as I sometimes say, the less I do, the less I do). Without the support of fresh energy, both the mind and body begin to atrophy. We may wake up one day and ask the dreaded question, “Is this it?” 

My answer to that question has always been a resounding NO. Always, it motivates me to do something new, something meaningful, and with vigor. 

That being said, I periodically still need a push to get back into a state of flow again, as a river pushes through an obstacle to resume along its current. Change may feel a little forced at first, maybe even downright uncomfortable, until I am rolling along with a new routine …one of my own making. 

What’s the BIG takeaway? 

It is important to acknowledge that our greatest chances of success exist when we consciously, intentionally choose the destination and path of the current. I achieve at the highest levels when I follow MY own path, not someone else’s. 

After emerging from my inner cave, having truly thought about what I want, it’s a matter of ready, set, GO. I keep my eyes on the prize. A clear decision carries not only the promise of fulfillment, but a lot of adventure along the way! 

Well thought-out intention makes the push easier to deal with – it keeps you grounded in what you want. But that doesn’t mean you always know exactly where the decision will take you, or what the outcome will be. Depending on how big the challenge is, there may also be plenty of uncertainty. 

We looked at fear last week as energy that can be harnessed and re-purposed. It is not for the faint of heart or comfort-zone dwellers to work inside this framework. But ah, for those of us who choose to climb mountains – what fun it is to map a course through uncharted territory! 

Check out this bit of amazing wisdom that Brett sent to me from one of my favorite modern luminaries, Eckhart Tolle: 

There is a fine line between fear and uncertainty, and perhaps the distinction is mere perception. Whatever you want to call it, let it motivate you out of inertia and into ALIVENESS. That’s why we are here, folks. 

Here is a little Brumbylon gift for you today, something to always remember: You have to go further if you want to go Far 



Keep calm and Brumbylon. 

Thanks for hanging out with me – have a great week! 

~ Lisa 

“The seed that grows toward the light begins in darkness.”