Where does Brumbylon Music Come From

This week’s feature: Dark Angry Moody Shit

Can a millipede dance to Brumbylon music?

It’s interesting to look back at a moment in time and wonder: What was going on for a piece of original music to earn the working title, “Dark Angry Moody Shit”? It was probably not the cheeriest of days, though there is always a great deal of joy that comes from creating a guitar piece like this. Listening today it feels more complicated and pensive than just dark, angry and moody.

Unlike last week’s song, which held a 9-beat measure, this one flows from an odd time to 4/4 groove, possibly inspired by the Pink Floyd song, Money, which flows from a 7/8 feel to a 4/4 feel and back again. The song was written and structured in a way that leaves room for a melody line and vocals, which will most likely be colored by the feel of the music…but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

We at Brumbylon also have a fascination with nature – be it flora, fauna, land, sky or seascape – we enjoy capturing rare moments. The video accompanying this song is of a yellow spotted millipede (I think). This battle-weary critter (notice it is missing antenna) was filmed during a family camping trip in Vermont, and seems to pair nicely with this piece of music. If you watch the video through the 00:56 mark, you’ll see Millie get some real groove on.  

Enjoy our little gift to you from Brumbylon – we hope it finds you well and feeds your soul. Stay tuned for next week’s feature when we invite you back INTO THE CAVE!