Where does Brumbylon Music Come From?

This week’s feature: Waiting


“Pieces of a puzzle lay all over the floor, you used to know but you don’t know anymore”


There is a voice inside my head, it’s smarter than me. It tells me things, it writes my best songs. It asks me the best questions and gives me the best answers.

Sometimes….. I listen. 

I’ve come to realize over the years that it has always been there for me, quietly nudging me in a certain direction or pointing out subtle synchronicities. It has never been aggressive but more suggestive. It is the most patient voice I’ve ever encountered. It tells me that if I would just listen more closely, let it guide me more fully that I would be the best version of me that I could ever imagine. Although I believe this to be true, all too often, I don’t believe I’m capable.

Why is that? I have evidence that it knows me and what would be best for me. It writes songs that answer my questions or sets the bar for where I need to be to grow into that best version of me. So yeah, that voice is all about me. It is me, me without all of the filters and protective devices I’ve constructed over the years to survive in this crazy world.

I’m like a puzzle put together with pieces of love and fear, success and failure, shoulds and shouldn’ts, do’s and dont’s. Every once in a while, I fall apart. I loose “myself” and then I have to rebuild. It’s not pleasant, for me and those around me but it does allow me the opportunity to build a better version, each time getting closer the the best version. Each time allowing me to bring a little more light to my world.

What is your relationship with your higher self? How do you expereince that. What does it take to be your best?



Enjoy our little gift to you from Brumbylon – we hope it finds you well and feeds your soul. Stay tuned for next week’s feature when we invite you back INTO THE CAVE!